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layers [options ] [layers_program ]

A layer multiplexor for DMD windowing terminals. layers manages asynchronous windows on a windowing terminal. layers_program is a file containing a firmware patch that layers downloads to the terminal (before layers are created or startup commands are executed).



Print sizes of the text, data, and bss portions of a downloaded firmware patch on standard error.


Print debugging messages on standard error.

-f file

Initialize layers with a configuration given by file . Each line of file is a layer to be created and has the format x1 y1 x2 y2 commands , specifying the origin, the opposite corner, and start-up commands. For example:

10 10 800 240 date; who; exec $SHELL

-h list

Supply a comma-separated list of STREAMS modules to push onto a layer.

-m size

Set data part of xt packets to maximum size (32-252).


Print downloading protocol statistics and a trace of a downloaded firmware patch on standard error.


Report protocol statistics on standard error after exiting layers .


Turn on xt driver packet tracing and produce a trace dump on standard error after exiting layers .

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