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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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Many people helped this book along the way. The first edition resulted from the efforts of the following staff members of O'Reilly & Associates: Jean Diaz, Dale Dougherty, Daniel Gilly, Linda Mui, Tim O'Reilly, Thomas Van Raalte, Linda Walsh, Sue Willing, and Donna Woonteiler.

The second edition has a new cover and new interior layout, designed by Edie Freedman. Arthur Saarinen drew the referee figures. Chris Reilley and Jeff Robbins assisted with graphics. The manuscript was formatted using troff macros that were implemented by Linda Mui and Lenny Muellner, and the manuscript was prepared through the efforts of Donna Woonteiler, Sue Willing, and especially Rosanne Wagger. Christine Kenney and Peter Mui were valuable resources, tracking down useful information and passing it along.

Special thanks to the technical reviewers for reading the drafts and fielding all kinds of questions; the book has profited greatly from the comments of Tan Bronson (Microvation Consultants), Peter van der Linden, and Mike Loukides (O'Reilly & Associates).

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