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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The C Shell
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5.8 Invoking the Shell

The C-shell command interpreter can be invoked as follows:

csh [ options ] [ arguments ]

csh uses syntax resembling C and executes commands from a terminal or a file. Options -n , -v , and -x are useful when debugging scripts.



Allow the remaining command-line options to be interpreted as options to a specified command, rather than as options to csh itself.


Execute commands located in first filename argument.


Exit if a command produces errors.


Fast start up; start csh without executing .cshrc or .login .


Invoke interactive shell (prompt for input).


Parse commands but do not execute.


Read commands from the standard input.


Exit after executing one command.


Display commands before executing them; expand history substitutions but don't expand other substitutions (e.g., filename, variable, and command). Same as setting verbose .


Same as -v , but also display .cshrc .


Display commands before executing them, but expand all substitutions. Same as setting echo . -x is often combined with -v .


Same as -x , but also display .cshrc .

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