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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The RCS Utility
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rcsdiff [


] [




Compare revisions via diff . Specify revisions using -r as follows:

Number of Revisions specified:

Comparison made:
None Working file against latest revision
One Working file against specified revision
Two One revision against the other

rcsdiff accepts the standard options -q , -V , and -x , as well as diff_options , which can be any valid diff option. rcsdiff exits with a status of 0 (no differences), 1 (some differences), or 2 (unknown problem).


-k c

When comparing revisions, expand keywords using style c . (See co for values of c .)

-r R1

Use revision R1 in the comparison.

-r R2

Use revision R2 in the comparison. ( -r R1 must also be specified.)

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