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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The RCS Utility
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merge [





file2 file3

Perform a three-way merge of files (via diff3 ) and place changes in file1 . file2 is the original file. file1 is the "good" modification of file2 . file3 is another, conflicting modification of file2 . merge finds the differences between file2 and file3 , and then incorporates those changes into file1 . If both file1 and file3 have changes to common lines, merge warns about overlapping lines and inserts both choices in file1 . The insertion appears as follows:



lines from file1


lines from file3



You'll need to edit file1 by deleting one of the choices. merge exits with a status of 0 (no overlaps), 1 (some overlaps), or 2 (unknown problem). See also rcsmerge .


-L text1

In overlapping lines, replace the label "<<<<<<< file1 " with the label "<<<<<<< text1 ".

-L text3

In overlapping lines, replace the label "<<<<<<< file3 " with the label "<<<<<<< text3 ". Valid only with -L text1 .


Send merged version to standard output instead of to file1 .


Produce overlap insertions but don't warn about them.

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