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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The SCCS Utility
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get [




Retrieve a text version of an SCCS file . The retrieved text file (also called the g-file) has the same name as the SCCS file but drops the s. prefix. For each SCCS file , get prints its version number and the number of lines retrieved. See "Identification Keywords" for a list of keywords that can be placed in text files.


-a n

Retrieve delta sequence number n ; not very useful (used by comb ).


Create new branch (use with -e ).

-c date

Retrieve a version that includes only those changes made before date . date is a series of two-digit numbers indicating the year, followed by an optional month, day, hour, minute, and second. Symbolic characters can be used as field separators.


Retrieve a text file for editing; this is the most commonly used option.


Suppress the text and just retrieve the SCCS ID (version number), typically to check it.

-G name

Save retrieved text in file name (default is to drop s. prefix). (Solaris 2.0 only.)

-i list

Incorporate into the retrieved text file any deltas whose SCCS IDs (version numbers) are specified in the comma-separated list . Use a hyphen ( - ) to supply a range (e.g., 1.3,2.1-2.5).


Do not expand ID keywords to their values; use in place of -e to regenerate (overwrite) a text file that was ruined during editing.


Create a delta summary (saved to a file or, with -lp , displayed on standard output).


Precede each text line with the SCCS ID of the delta it relates to.


Precede each text line with the %M% keyword (typically the name of the text file).


Write retrieved text to standard output instead of to a file.

-r sid

Retrieve SCCS ID (version number) sid .


Suppress normal output (show error messages only).


Retrieve the top (most recent) version of a release.

-w string

Replace the %W% keyword with string ; %W% is the header label used by what .

-x list

Exclude the list of deltas from the retrieved text file; the inverse of -i .


Retrieve file prog.c for editing; a subsequent delta creates a branch at version 1.3:

get -e -b -r1.3 s.prog.c

Retrieve file prog.c ; contents will exclude changes made after 2:30 p.m. on June 1, 1990 (except for deltas 2.6 and 2.7, which are included):

get -c'90/06/01 14:30:00' -i'2.6,2.7' s.prog.c

Display the contents of s.text.c (all revisions except 1.1 - 1.7):

get -p -x1.1-1.7 s.text.c

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