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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The SCCS Utility
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comb [




Reduce the size of the specified SCCS files . This is done by pruning selected deltas and combining those that remain, thereby reconstructing the SCCS file. The default behavior prunes all but the most recent delta in a particular branch and keeps only those ancestors needed to preserve the tree structure. comb produces a shell script on standard output. Actual reconstruction of the SCCS files is done by running the script.


-c list

Preserve only those deltas whose SCCS IDs are specified in the comma-separated list . Use a hyphen (-) to supply a range; e.g., 1.3,2.1-2.5.


Access the reconstructed file at the release number of the delta that is created, instead of at the most recent ancestor. This option may change the tree structure.

-p sid

In reconstructing file , discard all deltas whose SCCS identification string is older than sid .


Generate a shell script that calculates how much the file has been reduced in size. -s is useful as a preview of what comb will do when actually run.

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