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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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mm Macros
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.DF [


] [


] [



Start floating display. That is, if the amount of space required to output text exceeds the space remaining on the current page, the display is saved for the next page, while text following the display is used to fill the current page. (See also registers De and Df .) Default type is no indent; default mode is no-fill. rindent is the amount by which to shorten the line length in order to bring text in from the right margin. End display with .DE .


L or 0

No indent (default).

I or 1

Indent standard amount.

C or 2

Center each line individually.

CB or 3

Center as a block.


N or 0

No-fill mode (default).

F or 0

Fill mode.

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