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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The C Shell
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Display limits or set a limit on resources used by the current process and by each process it creates. If no limit is given, the current limit is printed for resource . If resource is also omitted, all limits are printed. By default, the current limits are shown or set; with -h , hard limits are used. A hard limit imposes an absolute limit that can't be exceeded. Only a privileged user may raise it. See also unlimit .



Maximum number of seconds the CPU can spend; can be abbreviated as cpu .


Maximum size of any one file.


Maximum size of data (including stack).


Maximum size of stack.


Maximum size of a core dump file.


A number followed by an optional character (a unit specifier).

For cputime : n h (for n hours), n m (for n minutes), mm : ss (minutes and seconds),

For others: n k (for n kilobytes, the default), n m (for n megabytes)

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