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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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The Bourne Shell and Korn Shell
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fc  -e  -





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Korn shell only. Display or edit commands in the history list. (Use only one of -l or -e .) fc provides capabilities similar to the C shell's history and ! syntax. first and last are numbers or strings specifying the range of commands to display or edit. If last is omitted, fc applies to a single command (specified by first ). If both first and last are omitted, fc edits the previous command or lists the last 16. The second form of fc takes a history command , replaces old string with new string, and executes the modified command. If no strings are specified, command is just re-executed. If no command is given either, the previous command is re-executed. command is a number or string like first . See examples under "Command History."


-e [ editor ]

Invoke editor to edit the specified history commands. The default editor is set by shell variable FCEDIT.

-e -

Execute (or redo) a history command; refer to second syntax line above.


List the specified command or range of commands, or list the last 16.


Suppress command numbering from the -l listing.


Reverse the order of the -l listing.

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