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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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Given a file containing context-free grammar, convert file into tables for subsequent parsing and send output to y.tab.c . This command name stands for y et a nother c ompiler- c ompiler. See also lex and the Nutshell Handbook lex & yacc .



Generate y.tab.h , producing #define statements that relate yacc 's token codes to the token names declared by the user.


Exclude #line constructs from code produced in y.tab.c . (Use after debugging is complete.)

-Q c

Place version information about yacc in y.tab.c (if c = y ) or suppress information (if c = n , the default).


Compile runtime debugging code by default.


Generate y.output , a file containing diagnostics and notes about the parsing tables.


Print the version of yacc on standard error.

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