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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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] [





Remove duplicate adjacent lines from sorted file1 , sending one copy of each line to file2 (or to standard output). Often used as a filter. Specify only one of -c , -d , or -u . See also comm and sort .



Print each line once, counting instances of each.


Print duplicate lines once, but no unique lines.


Print only unique lines (no copy of duplicate entries is kept).

- n

Ignore first n fields of a line. Fields are separated by spaces or by tabs.

+ n

Ignore first n characters of a field.


Send one copy of each line from list to output file list.new :

uniq list list.new

Show which names appear more than once:

sort names | uniq -d

Show which lines appear exactly three times:

sort names | uniq -c | grep "3 "

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