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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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Print the value of the terminal capability capname (and its associated numeric or string arguments ) from the terminfo database. capname is a terminfo capability such as clear or col . (See the Nutshell Handbook, termcap & terminfo .) The last four options are mutually exclusive and are not used when specifying a capname . Exit statuses are: 0 when a Boolean capname is set to true or when a string capname is defined; 1 when a Boolean is false or when a string is undefined; 2 for usage errors; 3 for unknown terminal type ; 4 for unknown capname .


-T type

Print the capabilities of terminal type (default is the terminal in use).


Read capname from standard input (this allows tput to evaluate more than one capname ).


Print initialization strings and expand tabs.


Print reset strings if present; act like init if not.


Print the terminal's long name.


Show the number of columns for the xterm window:

tput -Txterm cols

Define shell variable restart to reset terminal characteristics:

restart=`tput reset`

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