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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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] [



Compare the words of one or more named files with the system dictionary and report all misspelled words. System files for spell reside in /usr/lib/spell .



Check for British spelling.


Ignore files included with the nroff or troff .so request (SVR3 only).


Follow all included files (files named in .so or .nx requests); default is to ignore files that begin with /usr/lib .


Include words that are derived from dictionary list but are not literal entries.


Show every possible word stem (on standard error).

+ wordlist

Use the sorted wordlist file as a local dictionary to add to the system dictionary; words in wordlist are not treated as misspelled.


Run the first pass of spell :

spell file1 file2 > jargon

After editing the jargon file, use it as a list of special terms. The second pass of spell produces genuine misspellings:

spell +jargon file[12] > typos

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