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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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Allow a privileged user to change system state. Default behavior is to terminate user processes, taking system down from multi-user state (state 2) to single-user state. That is, only the system console provides access. shutdown sends a warning message, waits 60 seconds, sends a final message, waits another 60 seconds, and finally prompts for confirmation. shutdown is the SVR4 alternative to halt or reboot .


-g n

Use a grace-period of n seconds instead of 60.

-i k

Tell the init command to place system in state k :


Single-user state (the default).


Shutdown for safe power-off.


Like s , but mount multi-user file systems.


Stop system; go to firmware mode.


Stop system and then reboot.


Suppress the default prompt for confirmation.

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