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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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] [



Display the named files on a terminal, one page at a time. After each screen is displayed, you are prompted to display the next page by pressing the RETURN key. Press h for help with additional commands; press q to quit. See also more .



Clear screen (same as -c of more ).


Do not pause between files.


Do not split long lines.


Issue a pg command without waiting for a carriage return ( more works this way).

-p str

Use string str for the command prompt. The special variable %d displays the page number.


Restricted mode; shell escapes aren't allowed.


Display messages in standout mode (reverse video).

- n

Use n lines for each window (default is a full screen).

+ num

Begin displaying at line number num .

+/ pat

Begin displaying at first line containing pattern pat .


pg -p 'Page %d :' 


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