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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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Read mail, or send mail to other users . For a summary of commands, type ? in command mode (e.g., when reading mail) or ~? in input mode (e.g., when sending mail). The start-up file .mailrc in the user's home directory is useful for setting display variables and for defining alias lists.



Set debugging.


Test for the existence of mail without printing it. Exit status is 0 if mail exists; otherwise 1.

-f [ file ]

Read mail in alternate file (default is mbox ).


Store message in a file named after the first recipient.

-h n

Stop trying to send after making n network connections, or "hops" (useful for avoiding infinite loops).


Print mail headers only.


Ignore interrupts (useful on modems); same as ignore environment variable.


Use with -f when displaying saved news articles; newsgroup and article-ID headers are included.


Do not read the startup mailx.rc file.


Don't print mail headers.

-r address

Specify a return address for mail you send.

-s sub

Print string sub in the subject header field.

-T file

Record message IDs and article IDs (of news articles) in file .

-u user

Read user 's mail.


Convert uucp -type addresses to Internet format.


Print version number of mailx and exit.

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