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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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] [



Send files to the printer. To send standard input, specify - as one of the files .



Copy files to print spooler; if changes are made to file while it is still queued for printing, the printout is unaffected.

-d dest

Send output to destination printer named dest .

-d any

Used after -f or -S to print the request on any printer that supports the given name .

-f name

Print request on preprinted form name . name references printer attributes set by the administrative command lpforms .

-H action

Print according to the named action : hold (notify before printing), resume (resume a held request), immediate (print next; privileged users only).

-i IDs

Override lp options used for request IDs currently in the queue; specify new lp options after -i . For example, change the number of copies sent.


Send mail after files are printed.

-n number

Specify the number of copies to print.

-o options

Set one or more printer-specific options . Standard options include:


Omit banner page (separator) from request.


Suppress formfeeds between files.

cpi= n

Print n characters per inch. n can also be pica , elite , or compressed .

lpi= n

Print n lines per inch.

length= n

Print pages n units long; e.g., 11i (inches), 66 (lines).

width= n

Print pages n units wide; e.g., 8.5i (inches) 72 (columns).

stty= list

Specify a quoted list of stty options.

-P list

Print only the page numbers specified in list .

-q n

Print request with priority level n (39 = lowest).


Don't adapt request if content isn't suitable; reject instead. (Obscure; used only with -T .)


Suppress messages.

-S name

Use the named print wheel or character set for printing.

-t title

Use title on the printout's banner page.

-T content

Send request to a printer that supports content (default is simple ; an administrator sets content via lpadmin -I ).


Write a terminal message after files are printed (same as -m if user isn't logged on). Confirm the printing with a message on the user's terminal.

-y mode

Print according to locally-defined modes .


Send mail after printing five copies of report :

lp -n 5 -m report

Format and print thesis ; print title too:

nroff -ms thesis | lp - title

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