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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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Used primarily in makefiles to update files. install tries to locate an old version of file by searching user-supplied directories (or default directories such as /bin or /etc ). file is then copied to the directory, overwriting the older version. Normally, if no older file exists, install does nothing.


-c dir

Conditional copy; if file already exists in dir , do nothing; otherwise, copy file to dir .

-f dir

Forced copy; copy file to dir , whether or not file is already there.

-g group

Set group ID of new file to group (privileged users only).


When searching for file , ignore default directories but search specified directories . Normally, both sets are searched (with user-supplied directories searched before defaults). -c and -f are invalid with -i .

-m mode

Set permissions of new file to mode .

-n dir

Place file in dir if it's not in any of the default directories.


Save old version of file in OLD file instead of overwriting it.


Suppress all messages except error messages.

-u user

Set owner of new file to user .

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