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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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A postprocessor that translates troff-formatted files into PostScript for printing.



Read the standard input.

-c n

Print n copies of each page (default is 1).

-e 0 | 1 | 2

Set text encoding to 0 (default), 1, or 2. Higher encoding reduces the output size and speeds printing, but may be less reliable.

-F dir

Set the font directory to dir (default is /usr/lib/font ).

-H dir

Set the host-resident font directory to dir . Files there must describe PostScript fonts and have filenames corresponding to a two-character troff font.

-L file

Set the PostScript prologue to file (default is /usr/lib/postscript/dpost.ps ).

-m scale

Increase (multiply) the size of logical pages by factor scale (default is 1.0).

-n n

Print n logical pages on each sheet of output (default is 1).

-o list

Print only pages contained in comma-separated list . A page range is specified by n-m .


Omit PostScript pictures from output. Useful when running in a networked environment.

-p layout

Specify layout to be either portrait (long side is vertical; also the default) or landscape (long side is horizontal). layout can be abbreviated to p or l .

-T device

Use device to best describe available PostScript fonts. Default is post , with dpost reading binary files in /usr/lib/font/devpost . Use of -T is discouraged.

-w n

Draw troff graphics (e.g., pic, tbl) using lines that are n points thick (default is 0.3).

-x n

Offset the x-coordinate of the origin n inches to the right (if n is positive).

-y n

Offset the y-coordinate of the origin n inches down (if n is positive). Default origin is the upper-left corner of the page.




 | tbl | eqn | troff -ms -Tpost | dpost -c2

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