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UNIX in a Nutshell: System V Edition

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UNIX Commands
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Copy file1 to file2 , or copy one or more files to the same names under directory . If the destination is an existing file, the file is overwritten; if the destination is an existing directory, the file is copied into the directory (the directory is not overwritten). If one of the inputs is a directory, use the -r option.



Prompt for confirmation ( y for yes) before overwriting an existing file.


Preserve the modification time and permission modes for the copied file. (Normally cp supplies the permissions of the invoking user.)


Recursively copy a directory, its files, and its subdirectories to a destination directory , duplicating the tree structure. (This option is used with the second command-line format when at least one of the source file arguments is a directory.)


Copy two files to their parent directory (keep the same names):

cp outline memo ..

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