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About Searching on UNIX

You need to have a JRE or JDK installed. An executable called jre or java should be in your path, or the JRE environment variable should be set to the full path to some Java interpreter. If you don't have a Java interpreter, you can install a JRE.

When that is done, you can run run_me.sh from the root directory of the CD-ROM.

If you are using Lynx

If you are using Lynx as your Web browser, the search will not work the first time you run the run_me.sh script. Wait for the message

Search Service using port: 6010

Then type ctrl-C to shut the search server down, and run run_me.sh again. Searches will now work from Lynx.

Installing a JRE

In the jre directory of the CD are JREs for several platforms:

HP-UX 10.20
HP-UX 11
Linux with glibc
Linux with libc5
Solaris 2.4-2.6 for SPARC
Solaris 2.5-2.6 for x86
SunOS 4.1.3

The Solaris packages can be run; they will create a JRE installation in the current directory:

root@localhost:/usr/local# /cdrom/jre/jre116-solaris2-sparc.bin

will create a /usr/local/jre1.1.6 directory.

The other packages should be extracted into a directory, such as /usr/local/:

root@localhost:/usr/local# zcat /cdrom/jre/jre1.1.6-v2-Linux-libc5.tar.gz | tar xvf -

will similarly create a /usr/local/jre1.1.6 directory.

The HP-UX packages are system addition packages, and can be installed with your system's utilities.

Licensing terms prevent us from distributing JREs for AIX, Digital UNIX, and SCO UNIX. You can find these, and other JREs, from http://java.tqn.com/msub2.htm.

If you experience any problems running the server, cd to the netresults directory, run

jre -mx16m -cp . -ms8m itm.nr.serve.NRServer +ds +es +vs

and try the search again. The console will show more debugging information; have this available when contacting us.

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