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17.2. Methods Common to All Image Types

Images are real objects; we need to create them and, when we're finished, destroy them; otherwise, their resources remain in use for the duration of program execution. For instance, if we create an image and assign it to a Label, then at some later time destroy the Label, like so:

my $l = $mw->Label(-image -> $image)

the image remains alive and ready for use again and again, even by multiple widgets simultaneously. If we want the image to go away, we must explicitly delete it:


This applies to Bitmap, Pixmap, and Photo image types. Here are other methods available for any image type:

Returns the value of the image option -option

$image->configure(-option => value)
Configures the specified option

Deletes the image

Returns the pixel height of the image

Returns the image type of the image

Returns the pixel width of the image

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