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A.2. Installing Perl/Tk for Win32

First, fetch the Perl binary distribution from http://www.activestate.com. Click on the ActivePerl Distribution link, which takes you to the downloads page.

Fetch ActivePerl for Windows MSI installer and save it somewhere on your computer, perhaps the desktop. As the .MSI file is downloading, you are taken to the Requirements page. For Windows 2000, you have everything you need; just click on the ActivePerl icon and follow the instructions.

For Windows 98, you must also fetch and install Microsoft Windows Installer and DCOM98 before installing ActivePerl. Install Microsoft Windows Installer first, followed by DCOM98. DCOM98 requires that you restart the computer to complete the installation.

Now double click the ActivePerl icon and follow the Setup Wizard's instructions. Then restart your computer a second time to update your path.

To install Tk, open a DOS window and type:

% ppm install Tk

Test the configuration to ensure that all is well by running widget from a DOS window. The program's pathname is typically c:\perl\bin\widget.

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