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7.2. DOM Class Interface Reference

Since DOM is becoming the interface of choice in the Perl-XML world, it deserves more elaboration. The following sections describe class interfaces individually, listing their properties, methods, and intended purposes.

WARNING: The DOM specification calls for UTF-16 as the standard encoding. However, most Perl implementations assume a UTF-8 encoding. Due to limitations in Perl, working with characters of lengths other than 8 bits is difficult. This will change in a future version, and encodings like UTF-16 will be supported more readily.

7.2.4. Node

All node types inherit from the class Node. Any properties or methods common to all node types can be accessed through this class. A few properties, such as the value of the node, are undefined for some node types, like Element. The generic methods of this class are useful in some programming contexts, such as when writing code that processes nodes of different types. At other times, you'll know in advance what type you're working with, and you should use the specific class's methods instead.

All properties but nodeValue and prefix are read-only.

7.2.8. Element

This is the most common type of node you will encounter. An element can contain other nodes and has attribute nodes. Methods

getAttribute, getAttributeNode

Returns the value of an attribute, or a reference to the attribute node, with a given name.

setAttribute, setAttributeNode

Adds a new attribute to the element's list or replaces an existing attribute of the same name.

removeAttribute, removeAttributeNode

Returns the value of an attribute and removes it from the element's list.


Returns a NodeList of descendant elements who match a name.


Collapses adjacent text nodes. You should use this method whenever you add new text nodes to ensure that the structure of the document remains the same, without erroneous extra children.

getAttributeNS (DOM2 only)

Retrieves an attribute value based on its qualified name (the namespace prefix plus the local name).

getAttributeNodeNS (DOM2 only)

Gets an attribute's node by using its qualified name.

getElementsByTagNamesNS (DOM2 only)

Returns a NodeList of elements among this element's descendants that match a qualified name.

hasAttribute (DOM2 only)

Returns true if this element has an attribute with a given name.

hasAttributeNS (DOM2 only)

Returns true if this element has an attribute with a given qualified name.

removeAttributeNS (DOM2 only)

Removes and returns an attribute node from this element's list, based on its namespace-qualified name.

setAttributeNS (DOM2 only)

Adds a new attribute to the element's list, given a namespace-qualified name and a value.

setAttributeNodeNS (DOM2 only)

Adds a new attribute node to the element's list with a namespace-qualified name.

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