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22.11. Win32::NetResource

The Win32::NetResource module allows you to manage shared resources on a network, such as printers, disks, etc. Two data structures are used to provide or store information for many of the NetResource functions. The first is the share_info hash. This hash contains parameters for setting up a share, using the following structure:

%share_info = (
      netname       => "name of share",
      type          => "type of share",
      remark        => "a string comment",
      permissions   => "permissions value",
      maxusers      => "the max number of users",
      current-users => "the current number of users",
      path          => "the path of the share",
      passwd        => "password, if required"

A netresource data structure contains information about the shared resource or device. It has the following structure:

%netresource = (
      'Scope'       => "Scope of a resource connection (see list below for 
      'Type'        => "The type of resource (see list below)",
      'DisplayType' => "How the resource should be displayed (see list
      'Usage'       => "How the resource should be used",
      'LocalName'   => "Name of the local device the resource is connected 
      'RemoteName'  => "Network name of the resource",
      'Comment'     => "Comment string",
      'Provider'    => "Provider of the resource"

The first three elements of the netresource hash contain values described in the following lists. The Scope value can be one of the following:

Resource is already connected

Resource is reconnected each time the user logs on

Resource is available to the entire network

The Type element takes one of the following values:

All resources

Disk resources

Print resources

The Display element can be one of these values:

Object is displayed as a domain

Object is displayed as a server

Object is displayed as a sharepoint

Resource can be connected to a local device

Resource contains more resources

The functions in Win32::NetResource use the share_info and netresource structures as input and output arguments. These arguments are used in the description of the functions below; you should name them whatever you want.

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