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21.9. The Scrollbar Widget

Create a scrollbar with the Scrollbar method:

$parentwidget->Scrollbar (options)

The standard configuration options that apply to Scrollbar are: -ac-tivebackground, -background, -bg, -borderwidth, -bd, -cursor, -highlightback-ground, -highlightcolor, -highlightthickness, -relief, -takefocus, and -width.

Other options are:

-activerelief => type
Changes how active elements (arrow1, arrow2, and slider) in the scrollbar are drawn. Values for type are flat, groove, raised, ridge, and sunken. The default is raised.

-command => callback
Pointer to a function that will be called when the scrollbar is clicked on.

-elementborderwidth => amount
The width of the borders of the arrow1, arrow2, and slider elements.

-jump => boolean
Determines whether the scrollbar will jump scroll. Default is 0 (jump scroll disabled).

-orient => orientation
Determines the orientation of the scrollbar. Possible orientations are horizontal and vertical (default).

-repeatdelay => milliseconds
Determines the number of milliseconds to hold down an arrow before it will auto-repeat. Default is 300.

-repeatinterval => milliseconds
Determines the number of milliseconds between auto-repeats once it is started. Default is 100.

-troughcolor => color
Changes the color of the trough.

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