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17.2. Net::NNTP

Net::NNTP is one of the libnet modules. It provides methods for programming a news client to interface with an NNTP server. Net::NNTP implements the NNTP protocol as defined in RFC 977, as well as a number of extensions defined in the IETF Internet Draft document mentioned earlier.

For example, the following code:


is equivalent to issuing the post command and associated X-headers directly to an NNTP server on port 119.

17.2.2. Net::NNTP Reference

Net::NNTP includes methods that implement many of the extensions to RFC 977; the description indicates if a method is an extension. Extensions that are not supported by Net::NNTP are AUTHINFO, GENERIC, XINDEX, XSEARCH, and XTHREAD. In addition, some extensions supported by Net::NNTP may not be supported by a particular server.

Unless otherwise stated, all the methods return either true or false to indicate success or failure. If a method returns a value instead, then it returns undef or an empty list to indicate failure.

In this list, message-spec refers to a single message ID, a single message number, or a reference to a list of two message numbers. It can also be passed as a list of two message numbers, but this is for compatibility only and is now deprecated.

Where pattern-matching is indicated, the matching is done according to the NNTP specification. See the Net::NNTP documentation for details.

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