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14.5. SOAP::Fault

This class gives you access to a fault generated on the server side. To create a fault message, you can simply die on the server side, and the SOAP processor will wrap your message as a faultstring element and transfer the fault on the client side. But in some cases, you need to have more control over this process, and the SOAP::Fault class gives it to you. To use it, simply die with the SOAP::Fault object as a parameter:

  die SOAP::Fault->faultcode('Server.Custom') # Will be qualified
                 ->faultstring('Died in server method')
                 ->faultdetail(bless {code => 1} => 'BadError')

The faultdetail( ) and faultactor( ) methods are optional, and since faultcode and faultstring are required to represent a fault message, SOAP::Lite will use default values ("Server" and "Application error") if not specified.

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