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13.6. XML::Parser::ContentModel Methods

The element declaration handlers are passed objects of this class as the content model of the element declaration. They also represent content particles, which are components of a content model.

When referred to as a string, these objects are automatically converted to a string representation of the model (or content particle):

Returns true if the object is EMPTY, false otherwise.

Returns true if the object is ANY, false otherwise.

Returns true if the object is (#PCDATA) or (#PCDATA|...)*, false otherwise.

Returns true if the object is an element name.

Returns true if the object is a choice of content particles.

Returns true if the object is a sequence of content particles.

Returns undef or a string representing the quantifier (?, *, +) associated with the model or particle.

Returns undef or (for mixed, choice, and sequence types) an array of component content particles. There will always be at least one component for choices and sequences, but for a mixed content model of pure PCDATA, (#PCDATA), then undef is returned.

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