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8.71. ExtUtils::Install

Used by MakeMaker for handling the platform-dependent installation and deinstallation of modules; not meant to provide general-purpose tools. Exports the following functions.


install (\hashref, verbose, nonono)

Installs files. Takes the following arguments:

Reference to a hash, in which each key is a directory to copy from and the value is the directory to copy into. The whole tree below the "from" directory is copied, with timestamps and permissions preserved.

The hash has two additional keys: read and write. After copying everything, install writes the list of target files to the file named by $hashref->{write}. If there is another file named by $hashref->{read}, its contents are merged into the written file.

Verbose switch.

Don't-really-do-it switch.


install_default ([fullext])

Calls install with the same arguments as the MakeMaker defaults. Takes zero or one argument. With no argument, it treats $ARGV[0] as the argument. If present, the argument contains the value of MakeMaker's FULLEXT key.


pm_to_blib (\hashref[, dir])

Takes a hash reference as the first argument and copies all the keys of the hash to the corresponding values. Filenames with the .pm extension are autosplit. The optional second argument is the autosplit directory.


uninstall (packlistfile, verbose, nonono)

Uninstalls files. Takes the following arguments:

Name of file containing filenames to be unlinked

Verbose switch

No-don't-really-do-it-now switch

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