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8.19. B::Lint

Provides program checking for Perl programs. Equivalent to running Perl with the -w option. Named after the Unix lint program for checking C programs. Invoked as:

perl -MO=Lint[,options] program

program is the name of the Perl program that will be checked. The options are separated by commas and follow normal backend option conventions. Most of the options are lint-check options, in which each option is a word specifying one lint check. Preceding an option with no- turns off that option. Options specified later override earlier options. There is also one non-lint-check option, -u. Here is the list of available options:

Turns all warnings on.

Warns whenever an array is used in implicit scalar context.

Warns whenever $_ is explicitly used anywhere or whenever it is used as the implicit argument of a print statement.

Warns whenever an operation implicitly reads a Perl special variable.

Warns whenever an operation implicitly writes to a Perl special variable.

Turns off all warnings.

Warns whenever any variable, subroutine, or method name lives in a non-current package but begins with an underscore ( _ ). Doesn't warn about an underscore as a single-character name, e.g., $_.

Warns whenever one of the regular expression variables $', $&, or $' is used.

-u Package
Normally checks only the main program code and all subroutines defined in package main. -u lets you specify other packages to be checked.

Warns whenever an undefined subroutine is invoked.

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