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8.146. Math::Complex

Provides support for complex numbers, including a full set of mathematical functions; permits creation and manipulation of complex numbers. Numerous overload and other operations are provided for working with complex numbers. See the documentation for the module for the complete list and also for a discussion of complex numbers. The following methods are provided.


$z = Math::Complex->emake(args)

cplxe $z = cplxe(args)

Creates a complex number using the polar form.


display_format ([format])

When called as a method, sets display format for current object. If format is not specified, returns the current setting. Possible settings are:

Cartesian format

Polar format

When called as a function, overrides the default display format, which is Cartesian.


$z = Math::Complex->make(args)

cplx $z = cplx(args)

Creates a complex number using the Cartesian form.

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