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8.130. IO::Seekable

Intended to be inherited by other IO::Handle-based objects to provide methods that allow you to seek the file descriptors. Has no constructor.

use IO::Seekable;
package IO::XXX;
@ISA = qw(IO::Seekable);

Provides two methods.


$fh->seek(offset, whence)

Frontend for the corresponding built-in seek function, which sets a filehandle's position in the file. Takes the following arguments:

The offset where you want to set the position.

The position in the file that the offset is relative to. Possible values are: 0 for the beginning of the file, 1 for the current position, or 2 for end of file. May also be expressed as the following constants, which are exported:

Beginning of file

Current position

End of file


$fh->tell(  )

Frontend for the corresponding built-in tell function, which returns the current file position in bytes (starting from 0).

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