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8.13. B::C

The C backend for the Perl compiler. Generates C source code from Perl source; the generated code corresponds to Perl's internal structures for running the program. Compiling with the C backend won't speed up execution of your program, but it may improve start-up time. Invoke as:

perl -MO=C[,options] program

in which program is the name of the Perl script to compile. Any non-option arguments are treated as the names of objects to be saved; the main program is assumed if there are no extra arguments. Possible options are:

Forces end of options.

Debug options, which can be concatenated or specified separately. Possible options are:

Prints AV information on saving

Prints COPs as they are processed, including file and line number

Prints CV information on saving

Prints MAGIC information on saving

Prints each OP as it's processed

Forces individual optimizations on or off. Possible values of opt are:

Copy-on-grow. PVs are declared and initialized statically.

No copy-on-grow.

Sends output to filename instead of to STDOUT.

Sets optimization level, in which n is an integer. n defaults to 1. Currently, values of 1 and higher set cog.

Forces apparently unused subroutines from package Packname to be compiled, letting programs use eval "foo( )" even if subroutine foo isn't seen to be used at compile time. You can specify multiple -u options.

Compiles verbosely.

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