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8.101. File::Path

Creates and deletes multiple directories with specified permissions. Exports two methods.


mkpath (path, bool, perm)

Creates a directory path and returns a list of all directories created. Takes the following arguments:

Name of the path or reference to a list of paths to create.

Boolean. If true, mkpath prints the name of each directory as it is created. Default is false.

Numeric mode indicating the permissions to use when creating the directories. Default is 0777.


rmtree (root, prt, skip)

Deletes subtrees from the directory structure, returning the number of files successfully deleted. Symbolic links are treated as ordinary files. Takes the following arguments:

Root of the subtree to delete or reference to a list of roots. The roots, and all files and directories below each root, are deleted.

Boolean. If true, rmtree prints a message for each file, with the name of the file and whether it's using rmdir or unlink to remove it (or if it's skipping the file). Default is false.

Boolean. If true, rmtree skips any files to which you do not have delete access (under VMS) or write access (under other operating systems). Default is false.

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