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0.5. Acknowledgments for the Second Edition

The second edition of this book was managed solely by Nathan Patwardhan. Thanks, Nate, for finishing this book under a difficult schedule and not complaining too much about being forced to edit files in the write-only format we call Docbook.

We'd also like to thank the technical reviewers for this edition: Jon Orwant, Brian Jepson, Sean Burke, David Blank-Edelman, Jason McIntosh, and Brand Hilton, all of whom gleefully agreed to review chapters of this book with little time and without much reward! Thanks to each of you for your help.

Finally, Nathan would like to thank the following people for their support: the Patwardhan, Kiebzak, and Powers families; Tabor Wells and Kendall Libby for making system administration more fun than a barrel of monkeys; Christopher Smith for the hilarious conversations and interest in working with tech pubs; David "Ira" Schwartz, Ph.D. for his significant contribution to my learning of C and Unix way back when; Julie Wasserman for introducing me to the metrics of customer satisfaction; and to the late Frank Willison for making a truly significant contribution to my life.

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