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Outputs arguments for linking the Perl library and extensions to your application. When invoked as:

perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ldopts -
the following options are recognized:


Output arguments for linking the Perl library and any extensions linked with the current Perl.

-I <path1:path2>

Search path for ModuleName.a archives. Default is @INC .

-- <list of linker args>

Additional linker arguments to be considered.

Any additional arguments found before the -- token are taken as the names of modules to generate code for. Can also be called with parameters:

When called this way, returns the argument string rather than printing it to STDOUT. The optional parameters are:


Boolean, equivalent to the -std option.


Array reference, equivalent to adding module names before the -- token.


Array reference, equivalent to adding linker arguments after the -- token.


Equivalent to the -I option.

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