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32.12. Dumpvalue

use Dumpvalue;

When used on the example from Class::Struct, this prints:
'Shoppe::addrs' => ARRAY(0x9c1d4)
   0  'Miskatonic University'
   1  'Innsmouth, Mass.'
'Shoppe::boss' => Manager=HASH(0xa5754)
   'Manager::name' => 'Prof L. P. Haitch'
   'Manager::salary' => 'madness'
   'Manager::started' => 'Sat Apr  1 16:18:13 2000'
'Shoppe::owner' => 'Abdul Alhazred'
'Shoppe::stock' => HASH(0xfdbb4)
   'books' => 208
   'charms' => 3
   'potions' => 'none'
This is another module to help display complex data. It's not so much meant for marshalling as it is for pretty printing. It's used by the Perl debugger's x command. As such, it offers a dizzying wealth of options to control the output format. It also provides convenient access to Perl's package symbol tables to dump out the contents of an entire package.

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