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This work would not have been possible without the help of a lot of folks. We can't possibly name everyone here, and undoubtedly we've overlooked at least one major contributor; but here are at least some of the folks that we'd like to thank publicly and profusely for their contributions of verbiage and vitality: Ilya Zakharevich, Johan Vromans, Mike Stok, Lincoln Stein, Aaron Sherman, David Muir Sharnoff, Gurusamy Sarathy, Tony Sanders, Chip Salzenberg, Dean Roehrich, Randy J. Ray, Hal Pomeranz, Tom Phoenix, Jon Orwant, Jeff Okamoto, Bill Middleton, Paul Marquess, John Macdonald, Andreas Koenig, Nick Ing-Simmons, Sharon Hopkins, Jarkko Hietaniemi, Felix Gallo, Hallvard B. Furuseth, Jeffrey Friedl, Chaim Frenkel, Daniel Faigin, Andy Dougherty, Tim Bunce, Mark Biggar, Malcolm Beattie, Graham Barr, Charles Bailey, and Kenneth Albanowski. Not necessarily in that order.

The authors would also like to thank all of their personal friends (and relations) for remaining their personal friends (and relations) throughout the long, wearisome process.

We'd like to express our special gratitude to Tim O'Reilly for encouraging authors to write the sort of books people might enjoy reading.

Thanks also to the staff at O'Reilly & Associates. Steve Talbott was the technical editor. Nicole Gipson Arigo was the production editor and project manager. Joseph Pomerance was the copyeditor, and Steven Kleinedler proofread the book. Kismet McDonough-Chan and Sheryl Avruch performed quality control checks. Seth Maislin wrote the index. Erik Ray, Ellen Siever, and Lenny Muellner worked with the tools to create the book. Nancy Priest and Mary Jane Walsh designed the interior book layout, and Edie Freedman and Hanna Dyer designed the front cover.