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Many thanks to everyone who helped out on this book. Thanks to Larry Wall, Randal Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, and Sriram Srinivasan for their excellent books on Perl. Some material in this book is adapted from theirs; for that, we are very grateful.

Thanks also to all the reviewers of this book, who include Randal Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Graham Barr, Clinton Wong, and Erik Olson. Without their help, this book wouldn't be nearly as helpful as it is.

We'd like to thank Linda Mui, our editor, and Val Quercia, who kept us on track, for all their support.

Finally, since this book shares the camel image with Programming Perl , it occurs to us that someone might confuse it with the True Camel. So let's try to nip that in the bud: if you insist on giving this book a cute animal-related nickname, we encourage you to call it the "Camel head" or "Camel nut" or something else that makes the difference clear.