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19.3 Win32::ChangeNotification

This module provides access to Win32 change-notification objects, letting you monitor events relating to files and directory trees. The constructor for this class is new , which creates a ChangeNotification object for a specified directory and indicates how it should be monitored:

$ntfy = Win32::ChangeNotification->new(
The function returns a reference to the object as $ntfy . directory is the pathname of the directory to monitor. subtree is a Boolean value that, if true, forces the object to monitor all subdirectories of the object's path. The filter parameter indicates what type of events will trigger a notification. It can be one of the following string values:

Value Description
ATTRIBUTES Any attribute change
DIR_NAME Any directory name change
FILE_NAME Any filename change (creating/deleting/renaming)
LAST_WRITE Any change to a file's last write time
SECURITY Any security descriptor change
SIZE Any change in a file's size

The following methods are used on notification objects created by new :