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8.69 File::CheckTree

Runs file tests on a set of files. Exports one function, validate , which takes a single multi-line string as input. Each line of the string contains a filename plus a test to run on the file. The test can be followed with || die to make it a fatal error if it fails. The default is || warn . Prepending ! to the test reverses the sense of the test. You can group tests (e.g., -rwx ); only the first failed test of the group produces a warning. For example:

use File::CheckTree;
$warnings += validate( q{
    /vmunix            -e || die
    /bin               cd
        csh            !-ug
        sh             -ex
    /usr               -d || warn "What happened to $file?\n"
Available tests include all the standard Perl file-test operators except -t , -M , -A , and -C . Unless it dies, validate returns the number of warnings issued.