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8.60 ExtUtils::MM_Unix

Provides methods for MakeMaker to handle portability issues. You never need to require this module, but you might want to if you are working on improving MakeMaker's portability

Provides methods for both Unix and non-Unix systems; on non-Unix systems, they can be overridden by methods defined in other MM_* modules. The methods are listed here:

8.60.1 Methods to Produce the Makefile

ExtUtils::MM_Unix has some additional methods that are called in sequence to produce a Makefile. The list of methods is specified in the array @ExtUtils::MakeMaker::MM_Sections , one method per section. The routines are all called the same way and so are just listed here. Each method returns the string to be put into its section of the Makefile .

The methods are called in the order that they are listed in the following table, reading down the columns:

post_initialize top_targets realclean
const_config linkext dist_basics
constants dlsyms dist_core
const_loadlibs dynamic dist_dir
const_cccmd dynamic_bs dist_test
tool_autosplit dynamic_lib dist_ci
tool_xsubpp static install
tools_other static_lib force
dist installpm perldepend
macro installpm_x makefile
depend manifypods staticmake
post_constants processPL test
pasthru installbin test_via_harness
c_o subdirs test_via_script
xs_c subdir_x postamble
xs_o clean

Finally, there are two special methods: post_initialize and postamble . They each return an empty string by default and can be defined in Makefile.PL to insert customized text near the beginning or end of the Makefile .