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8.103 lib

Permits adding additional directories to Perl's default search path at compile time. The directories are added at the front of the search path.

use lib 
adds the directories specified in list to @INC .

For each directory $dir in list , lib looks for an architecture-specific subdirectory that has an auto subdirectory under it-that is, it looks for $dir/$archname/auto . If it finds that directory, then $dir/$archname is also added to the front of @INC , preceding $dir .

Normally, you should only add directories to @INC . However, you can also delete directories. The statement:

no lib 
deletes the first instance of each named directory from @INC . To delete all instances of all the specified names from @INC , specify :ALL as the first parameter of list .

As with adding directories, lib checks for a directory called $dir/$archname/auto and deletes the $dir/$archname directory from @INC . You can restore @INC to its original value with:

@INC = @lib::ORIG_INC;