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data_source, user, passwd, [\%attr]

Connects to the specified database, returning a database handle object. The connect method automatically installs the driver if it has not already been installed.


A string identifying the driver to connect to, and any other additional driver-specific information needed to identify the driver (e.g., a port number.) The driver name is written in the form dbi: driver_name , e.g., dbi:mSQL . (Default value is taken from the DBI_DSN environment variable.) For example, a connection string for the mSQL driver always starts with dbi:mSQL: . The second colon should be followed by any information required by the driver to make the database connection. In the case of mSQL, you must supply a database name ( bookdb in the following example), a hostname ( localhost ), and the port number of the database server ( 1114 ):



The user name for the database connection. (Default value is taken from the DBI_USER environment variable.)


The password for the database connection. (Default value is taken from the DBI_PASS environment variable. Set this value at your own risk.)


A hash reference defining attributes for the database handle.