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= new CGI::Cookie(



Constructor. Creates a new cookie. Attributes are:

-domain = domain_name

Optional, points to domain name or fully qualified hostname to which cookie will be returned. If missing, browser will return cookie only to the server that set it.

-expires = date

Optional expiration date, in any of the date formats recognized by CGI.pm. If missing, cookie expires at the end of this browser session.

-name = name

Required. Scalar value with the cookie name.

-path = path

Optional, points to a partial URL on the current server; cookies will be returned to any URL beginning with this path. Defaults to / .

-secure = boolean

Optional. If true, browser will only return cookie if a cryptographic protocol is in use.

-value = value

Required. The value of the cookie; can be a scalar, an array reference, or a hash reference.