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17.6 Win32 Database Interfaces

We have seen how Perl can be used to create and maintain databases. What we haven't talked about is how Perl can also be used to access data stored in many popular database formats.

One of the handiest extension modules for Perl for Win32 is Win32::ODBC . Written by Dave Roth, Win32::ODBC provides an interface to any ODBC data source for which you have a driver.

A detailed discussion of Win32::ODBC is beyond the scope of this book, but you can find Win32::ODBC at any CPAN site (try www.perl.com/CPAN/authors/Dave_Roth/ ).

Another popular way to access data from Perl for Win32 is to use the OLE Automation interface to Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). ADO is an OLE interface that provides uniform data access to any compliant data source (including ODBC). See Chapter 19, OLE Automation , for a couple of examples of how to use ADO. For more information on ADO, see www.microsoft.com/ado .