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17.6 Resources

  1. Berkeley yacc for Perl, availabe at http://ftp.sterling.com:/local/perl-byacc.tar.Z

  2. Lex for Perl. Parse::Lex , available on CPAN.

    Generates lexical analyzers la Lex. The documentation is in French, but the library is easy enough to figure out even if you don't speak the language.

  3. "Research Issues with Application Generators," Proceedings of the 6th Annual Workshop on Software Reuse . Prem Devanbu.

  4. "A Configurable Code Generator for OO Methodologies." A. Aimar, A. Khodabandeh, P. Palazzi, and B. Rousseau. From http://www1.cern.ch/WebMaker/examples/CHEP94_codegene_1/www/codegene_1.html

  5. "Little Languages," More Programming Pearls: Confessions of a Coder . John Bentley. Association for Computing Machinery, 1988.

  6. "Building Application Generators." J. Craig Cleaveland. IEEE Software , July 1988.

  7. "Tools for Building Application Generators." J. Craig Cleaveland and Chandra M.R. Kintala. AT&T Technical Journal , July/August 1988.

  8. Thank You, Jeeves . P.G. Wodehouse. Aeonian Press, 1983.