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Part VI: The End

This last part of the book wraps up with:

Chapter 21. This chapter discusses Python roles and scope.

Appendix A. This appendix presents Python changes since the first edition.

Appendix B. This appendix gives common Python install and usage details.

Appendix C. This appendix contrasts Python's class model with that of the C++ language, and is intended for C++ developers.

Note that there are no reference appendixes here. For additional reference resources, consult the Python standard manuals included on this book's CD-ROM (view CD-ROM content online at http://examples.oreilly.com/python2), or commercially published reference books such as O'Reilly's Python Pocket Reference. For additional Python core language material, see O'Reilly's Learning Python. And for help on other Python-related topics, see the resources mentioned at the end of Appendix B and at Python's official web site, http://www.python.org.